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How to do a Watch party on Peacock

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Suppose you are home alone, getting bored, and don’t know how to declutter this empty time. Then, nothing but switching to the Peacock watch party extension can become a game changer for you. Moreover, if you don’t know, Peacock Watch Party is a streaming platform that enables watching your favorite movies and shows by using its free extension. Besides, things are not just restricted to this; the peacock TV watch party extension gives you the feature to share your streaming content with your distant friends via synchronization. Plus, with binge-free streaming, you can enjoy features like live chat and party hosting with controllability, HD streaming, etc. 

Furthermore, the Peacock Watch Party allows you to renew and add new things to your content wishlist. Hence, to enjoy the Peacock TV watch party, you need to sit at your desired place, install the watch party peacock extension, and start streaming along with hosting a party by sharing the link with your brats. As a result, you can enjoy streaming along with live chat and other features. Additionally, here you have informative information that lets you learn about the Peacock TV watch party features. And even about installing and using the Peacock Watch party extension on your smart device. Thus, stay tuned in order to lit-up and amplify your movie night with your close ones.  

Features of Peacock Watch Party- 

No wonder the Peacock Watch Party extension has a wide range of accessible features that make it impressive to go with. And using these makes it easier for you to understand the concept of Peacock TV Watch Party streaming. And here they are:  

1. First: Live Chat

Can you even do the live chatting with your close ones along with streaming? Definitely, it seems amazing as it sounds; that’s why here you have a live chat. Moreover, the live-chat feature enables you to share your thoughts and reactions in the chat box with your brats. So that you can discuss all the action, animated, and other scenes by sending emojis and messages. Hence, you can feel that you are actually sitting next to them.  

2. Second: Global Availability

Due to its global availability, anybody can use this Peacock Watch Party extension. But at the same time, people can only use this extension in the region or a location where the Peacock Tv streaming services are available. You can even use the VPN if your current location does not support the streaming platform. As a result, you can enjoy hosting and joining the watch party from anywhere in the world. 

3. Third: Complete control of the Watch Party

In order to protect the privacy of your watch party peacock, you can take the controllability into your hands. In short, by turning the "ONLY I HAVE CONTROL" button green, you can take over control of the watch party. Consequently, you can get the ability to add and remove members with the options like pause, play, forward, and rewind streaming.

4. Fourth: Synchronization and HD Streaming

The exceptional feature that the Peacock Watch Party provides you is to stream the content in sync with your brats to feel the real-time connection. Not just synchronization, you can even enjoy streaming in HD(High-Definition). 

5. Fifth: Watch Party Personalization

By using this Peacock TV Watch Party personalization feature, you can give a touch of customization to your extension profile. More precisely, you can personalize your profile via unique nicknames and profile photos. 

Usage of Peacock Watch Party Extension- 

To host a Peacock Watch Party with up to 100 people at your home by sharing a party link. Installing the Peacock watch party extension in your smart device is relevant. And to know, how you can follow the below given five significant steps: 

1. First: Install the extension
First and foremost, you can download the watch party peacock extension by clicking here. Alternatively, by using a compatible web browser, you can search and download the Watch Party extension after finding it. Moreover, installing this extension is flexible, functional, and compatible with devices like Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook.

2. Second: Pin the Extension to the Toolbar
Pinning the extension into your toolbar is essential once you download it. Therefore, search for the icon button, which you can see next to the address bar in your web browser. And from here, you need to add a watch party extension to your toolbar. If you don’t find it, visit your browser's upper right corner. Afterward, click the 'puzzle' button to see the icon, then end it by pinning it to your toolbar.

3. Third: Log into your Peacock TV Account
After pinning the extension to your toolbar, carry onwards by logging in to your Peacock TV account. But before doing this, you need to buy a subscription if you are a new user or don’t have one. Remember, you must own a subscription if you want to host or join a Peacock Watch Party.

4. Fourth: Search, Play and Pause
The three options, search, play, and pause, are given to you once you login into your account. Using these options, you can search, play and pause any video or streaming content. Remember, pausing the video is an essential step while planning a watch party.

5. Fifth: Join the party
The last step is to join the Peacock watch party with your distant friends and family members. And to make it happen, click on the invitation URL shared with you by the watch party anchor. So that it can redirect you to your virtual watch party and to intune into the entertainment and fun.

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